Dogs Puppies Pictures

Dogs Puppies Pictures

There's an abundance of dogs puppies pictures on the Internet. I usually choose the pictures that have a nice description - a story to tell. I guess it's because I feel a greater connection to the dogs and puppies, since I know just that little bit more about them. :) In this collection, Baby Grizzly is a rescued pup and there's a runt of the litter as well.

'Jody_Pups_1_day_old' by Santanartist [photocredit:]


'Baby Grizzly' by var resa [photocredit:]


'The Runt Of The Litter' by bob235 [photocredit:] - A friend found a litter of puppies and took two of them in. They are Border Collie/Chow mixes.


'Litter Of Puppies' by Close to Spectacular [photocredit:]


'Ouch!' by Willow&Monk [photocredit:] - they're so cute tumbling around asking for love and affection!


Dogs Puppies Pictures

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